Vendor Neutral Observability Pipeline

Collect, process, and route all of your data, with security & performance in mind.

Protect your data, money, and flexibility

Monitoring & Configuration

Makes it easy to deploy, monitor, and scale Fluentd/Fluent Bit in your own infrastructure.

PII Data Protection

Visualize where your PII data goes. Set rules to automatically protect it.

Billing Protection

Alert when the data volume spikes, automatically sample when necessary.

Lock-In Protection

Avoid vendor lock-in for any sources and destinations, with an OSS-based solution.

Built on a growing Cloud Native community.

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Engineering Team

This one agent can collect all of your data across all of your environments (e.g. k8s, public/private cloud, on-premise, legacy).

Then route the data to your best logging & monitoring tools of choice with the flip of a switch.

Data Team

Collect everything as JSON, so you don't maintain custom Regexp anymore.

With built-in buffering and retry, you always maintain quality of your data. Routing to your favorite analytics tool is instant.

Security Team

End-to-end secure & privacy-aware data pipeline, with data loss prevention.

Instantly reduce SIEM $$$ by filtering unnecessary data, so ROI is too obvious. Avoid vendor lock-in with an open-source agent.

Getting started is easy!