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A brief history of Calyptia

On 2014, the Fluentd team at Treasure Data was solving data collection and processing at high scale already, but saw the need of a lightweight log processor for constraint environments like Embedded Linux, the project aimed to be part of the Fluentd Ecosystem and we called it Fluent Bit, fully open source and available under the terms of the Apache License v2.0.

After the project was around for some time, it got traction in the Embedded market but also becomes a perfect fit for Cloud and containerized environments. Not so long after that, Fluent Bit becomes one of the preferred solutions to solve the logging challenges at high scale with low resources consumption.

Nowadays Fluentd and Fluent Bit are deployed "million times per day" in Cloud and Containerized environments, but that's not enough. With thousands of companies consuming our OSS technology we were missing the bridge to the Enterprise Level, so we started Calyptia: the Observability Pipelines company.

Our Founders

Eduardo Silva

Software Engineer, OSS Creator/Maintainer, and Entrepreneur.

Anurag Gupta

Product Manager, OSS Maintainer and Entrepreneur


Chris Vercelli

Global Sales Leader and General Manager with deep experience in Workload Automation, Business Process Automation, IT Process Automation, and Data Analytics, all with an enterprise focus.

Masahiro Nakagawa

Principal Fluentd Maintainer, ex Principal engineer at Treasure Data

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