Fluentd visualizations now supported

Today we are happy to announce that we now support Fluentd configuration as part of the Calyptia Configuration Visualizer. When we chatted with the Fluent community, one of the pains users faced was understanding what their data pipelines look in action. As part of our first step, we introduced Fluent Bit support for the configuration visualizer along with sample templates. With today's announcement, we broaden that support to the immensely popular Fluentd project.

You can try it out now at the following link for free: https://config.calyptia.com

What's next?

Today the Fluentd config visualizer supports advanced configuration such as labels, re-label, copy plugin with store, as well as secondary. Over time and from user feedback we intend to add more capabilities such as re-tag filters to make viewing your data pipeline even easier. Additionally, on the roadmap is viewing live data transformations and what your data will look like each step of the way. If you are interested in chatting with us about that capability, be sure to sign up below