Calyptia for Data Teams

Focus on Analytics, not Data Collection

By making machine data collection easy, you and your team become truly data-driven.

Collect data, the right way

Collect logs, metrics, security events from any platform with our simple data collection agent.

Built-in Parsers and Regexps

We have an opinionated way of collecting the data: collect data with JSON format. We've seen many data teams ended up maintaining many custom parsers, thus we enforce JSON structure upfront.

No more data losses

The agent has built-in buffering and retry mechanisms to prevent data loss. You no longer suffer from the bad quality data.

Enterprise-grade scale

Over 5,000+ companies are already collecting yotta-bytes of data. The biggest deployment we helped is over 200,000+ nodes. The agent is highly optimized and requires very small amount of CPU/Memory.

The Polygon app at work

No more waiting for new data sources

By making data collection easy and simple, you'll enable your team to become truly data driven.

Within minutes, you can instantly collect new data source. No need to wait for days / weeks or even months for the data to be available.

The Polygon app at work

Route any data to the best analytics tools you've picked.

Integrate your logs and metrics data to your destinations of choice with a few lines of configuration changes.

  • Data Warehouse (BigQuery, Snowflake, Redshift)
  • Data Hub (Kafka, Kinesis)
  • Object Storage (S3, Blob Storage, GCS)
  • Log Analytics (Splunk, ElasticSearch/Kibana)
  • 100+ other tools

With on-the-fly data reduction, you can instantly reduce the bill for the destination tools.