Calyptia for Engineering Teams

The First Mile Data Collection Pipeline

Calyptia is the single platform to collect your data.

A unified way to collect data.

Enable company-wide standardized data collection.



Our agent does company-wide data, log and metrics collection for all of your teams. 



With 500+ plugins, you can collect data from anywhere without writing the code.



The buffering and retry system prevent the data loss even when destinations go down.

Lightweight but Flexible

Our agent has highly optimized serialization and network stack, while flexible with plugin architecture.

Open Core

The product is based on CNCF Fluentd/FluentBit project, and built by its committers.

Fluentd and Fluent Bit Integrations

Collect data from anywhere.

Collect logs, metrics, security events from any platform with our simple data collection agent.

Collect data from any platform

Our simple agent can collect data from any part of your infrastructure: application, container (k8s/docker), OS, network, security appliances, cloud services.

Enterprise-grade scale

Over 5,000+ companies are already collecting yotta-bytes of data. The biggest deployment we helped is over 200,000+ nodes. The agent is highly optimized and requires very small amount of CPU/Memory.

The Polygon app at work

Route the data to the best tools you've picked.

Integrate your logs and metrics data to your destinations of choice with a few lines of configuration changes.

  • Data Hub (Kafka, Kinesis)
  • Object Storage (S3, Blob Storage, GCS)
  • Data Warehouse (BigQuery, Snowflake, Redshift)
  • Log Analytics (Splunk, ElasticSearch/Kibana)
  • 100+ other tools
The Polygon app at work

Process your data on the fly with resiliency.

We've built a system to process the data on the fly with any ways you want. Also our routing engine with buffering & retry mechanism prevent the data loss even when the destinations are offline.

  • Parsing
  • Filtering / Data Reduction
  • Transformation / Anonymization
  • Built-in Reliability (Buffering & Exponential Retry)
  • Extensible by Plugin Architecture

Our Product Philosophy

We solve the hard challenges around collecting data at scale, with these simple philosophies.

Easy Installation

The product needs to be installed instantly on any environments.

Easy to Use

The product needs to show the value in minutes.


The products needs to be extensible with plugin architecture.


The products has to be dependable at scale (1 million+ servers)


The product needs to be simple, yet can serve complex demands.


The product meets F500 security standards.

Getting started is easy!

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