Calyptia Ops Manager

Built by Fluentd committers, Calyptia Ops Manager is the management platform that makes it easy to deploy, monitor, and scale Fluentd/Fluent Bit on your own infrastructure.

We're currently providing this feature to only a limited amount of customers. Please request an early access from here.

Deploy Fluentd at Scale

Operations and IT teams have a lot on their plate. Calyptia Ops Manager helps you automate time-consuming Fluentd administration work with built-in best practices developed from managing tens of thousands of production deployments.

Comprehensive Monitoring with Alerts Delivered How You Want

Get rich performance visibility through dozens of optimized charts that highlight the metrics that matter. Send customized alerts to stay ahead of potential issues.

Run and Manage Fluentd Seamlessly with Kubernetes

The Calyptia Operator allows you to use Ops Manager to control your Fluentd deployment from your Kubernetes platform of choice. Ops Manager itself can be run in Kubernetes pods for simplified management.

Getting started is easy!