PII Data Protection, Automated.

With the Calyptia PII Data Protection Center, you can automate your approach to keeping your PII data private.

Calyptia Agent detects PII on-the-fly and enforce rules to protect them, from tens of thousands of nodes / containers.

We're currently providing this feature to only a limited amount of customers. Please request an early access from here.

Take a proactive approach to PII data handling

Get real-time visibility into what personal information (PII) you're collecting, where you're collecting from, and where you're sending it. Then set rules to automatically protect it.

PII data discovery

Automatically detect and classify personal information in real time instead of wasting months manually creating an inventory.

PII Data protection controls

Set rules to proactively block data to comply with your company’s privacy policy and requirements.

PII Data Discovery

Create your dynamic PII data inventory on the fly

Say goodbye to manual surveys and investigations.

With Calyptia, you can automatically detect and classify personal information or PII to create a dynamic PII data inventory.

All of the data discovery happens on the fly, with pre-built pattern matching algorithms. So all you have to do is to collect and route the data with Calyptia Agent.

Each data point is matched against common PII fields, and assigned a risk-based classification of red, yellow, or green.


・Credit Card Number

・IP Address

・First Name, Last Name

・Job Title

PII Data Controls

Manage your risk exposure

Don't want your team collecting passwords or credit card numbers

Calyptia makes it easy to proactively enforce your company's data privacy and protection policies.

Set rules to automatically block restricted personal data from being collected.

Getting started is easy!