Calyptia Network Pricing

The team behind Fluentd and Fluent Bit offers new Enterprise services and products

Calyptia Subscription Network

Access to Calyptia Fluent Bit LTS

  • Access to Enterprise edition of Fluent Bit
  • Available for Enterprise Linux distributions
  • Hot fix and security fix available
  • Unix available (additional cost)

Calyptia OSS development 

20 hours dedicated to prioritizing Fluent Bit features for upstream

  • Acceleration for feature and bug fixing
  • Feature added to upstream open source
  • Code properly unit tested
  • Code available in future release

Calyptia Consulting

90 minute session with Fluent Bit and Fluentd experts

  • Architectural and best practices guidance
  • Deployment strategies for high scale environments
  • Performance tuning
  • Reliability 

Calyptia Network FAQs

  • What Linux distributions are supported with Calyptia Subscription Network?

    We support Calyptia Fluent Bit packages, provided and maintained by us.

  • Who are the people behind Calyptia Subscription Network?

    We are the inventors, committers, and maintainers of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Fluentd / Fluent Bit project.

    We've helped Fortune 10 companies deploy at an exabyte scale across the globe on top of 200,000+ nodes. We are ready to bring that expertise to your enterprise.

  • How should I choose a plan?

    We recommend choosing Calyptia Subscription Network if you are getting started and need access to enterprise-ready binaries. After the start package you can purchase additional services, or contact us if you need service desk support

  • Does Calyptia handle billing for my sources or destination services?

    No, you're responsible for accounts that you register with sources and destinations, whether they are paid or free.