Subscription Network Pricing

Commercial Support Service for CNCF Fluentd/Fluent Bit.

Community  $0

Calyptia-maintaned Fluentd/Fluentd distribution.

  • LTS version of Fluentd and FluentBit maintained by us
  • All packages are FREE to use
  • No commercial support is included


24/7 Engineering Support with Fluentd/FluentBit committers.

  • 1 Year Long Term Support
  • Guided Upgrade with Fluentd Committers
  • Architecture & Performance Review with Committers


24/7 Engineering Support with the highest Security & Compliance.

  • 3 Year Long Term Support
  • Security & Policy Review with Committers
  • Roadmap Assurance and Early Access to our future products

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Community Premium Enterprise
Packaging, Releases, and Updates
Packaging rpm, deb, dmg, exe, docker rpm, deb, dmg, exe, docker rpm, deb, dmg, exe, docker
Software Release Update to Latest 1 Year Long Term Support 3 Year Long Term Support
Security Updates & Critical Bugs Self Update Guided Update Guided Update
Access to Committers / Maintainers
Quarterly Architecture Review
Quarterly Performance Review
Training & Workshops
Dedicated TAM (Technical Account Manager)
Security, Compliance, and Assurance
Quarterly Security & Policy Review
Roadmap Assurance
Solution Engineering Service
Professional Service
Access to our Future Products
PII Protection Engine
Billing Protection Engine
Centralized Data Pipeline Management
Centralized Monitoring
RBAC (Role-based Access Control)
SSO (Single Sign On)

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Calyptia Subscription Network FAQs

  • Which distribution is supported with Calyptia Subscription Network?

    We support Calyptia Agent packages, provided and maintained by us.

  • Who are the people behind Calyptia Subscription Network?

    We are the inventors, committers, and maintainers of CNCF Fluentd / FluentBit project.

    If you need any help on CNCF Fluentd/FluentBit deploymnt, we have the most knowledgeable team in the world.

  • How should I choose between Community/Standard/Enterprise?

    We recommend Community for deployments athat are not a critical part of your infrastructure and/or are not yet in production.

    We recommend the standard plan for less critical instances such as testing environments.

    For mission-critical workloads that collect sensitive data, span multiple deployments and require strict SLAs, we recommend Enterprise.

  • Does Calyptia handle billing for my sources or destination services?

    No, you're responsible for accounts that you register with sources and destinations, whether they are paid or free.