Calyptia for Security Teams

Reduce your $$$. Avoid vendor lock-in.

Calyptia is a secure and privacy-aware machine data collection platform, all under budget.

A unified and secure way to collect data.

Enable company-wide standardized data collection.



Our agent does company-wide data, log and metrics collection for all of your teams. 

Reduce the Bill

By filtering the data on-the-fly, you can route only the necessary data to right destinations. This instantly cuts your bill for your SIEM/Analytics tools.

Avoid Vendor Lock-In

Our open-source agent can route the data to any destinations you want. You don't have to use specific vendor's agent to get the data in.



With 500+ plugins, you can collect data from anywhere without writing the code.



The data is transferred with end-to-end data encryption with necessary performance.



The buffering and retry system prevent the data loss even when destinations go down.

The Polygon app at work

Collect data from anywhere

Collect logs, metrics, security events from any platform with our simple data collection agent.

Collect data from any platform

Our simple agent can collect data from any part of your infrastructure: OS, network, security appliances, HID, application, container (k8s/docker), cloud services.

Enterprise-grade security

Over 5,000+ companies are already collecting yotta-bytes of data. The biggest deployment we helped is over 200,000+ nodes. The agent provides end-to-end security and data loss prevention.

Security flows at work

Control your bill by shaping your data

Many security teams suffer from unexpected bill from the security tools vendors, as they charge based on the data volume.

Calyptia can shape your data before the data arrives to these tools, so you can control your bill.

  • Filtering
  • Data Reduction
  • Anonymization

Avoid vendor lock-in

A lot of security and analytics products use their own data collection agent as a way to lock you in.

Our open-source collector gives you a freedom of choice for your downstream tools, so you can avoid vendor lock-in and freedom of choice of your tools.

You have 5-6 agents running in your environment? Fluentd/FluentBit can unify all with a single agent.

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